i am not More

you are not Less

White n Black fight should only exist in game of Chess.

Kindly rise above Mediocrity

Humanity is not bound till Charity

This concern is very deep,as important as Earth’s Gravity.

underneath layers we are Same so why be possesed with Race n Last Name

we are made of Love,all else is illusion and a Mind Game.

Wake up before we FaLL Apart

behind curtains Politicians n Government playing very Smart

So Be unite n create A Hateless, Warless, Violenceless, Colourless ART…


Life is a fucking lonely road , might be you are surrounded by one or hundred or thousands of people every day but inside all of us there is loneliness so deep and so spacious that looking into it makes us uncomfortable.

But in reality that silence is the…

You call it Poverty,

Not People but this stigma is Dirty.

The Thirsty Eyes searching for a piece of Bread,

Covering adolescence with cloths of broken threads.

The Houses full of Scarcity,

The Minds reJoicing few hours of stolen Electricity,

Bank accounts filled with dismay,

still Hearts,hopeful to survive another…

i am same as you

Just with different physical view

i am little old

you r Just A little New

dont count age ,its number difference of few

The sun light The moon The day the night all treat us same,

why value more or less on the basis of…

Amir Ahmad


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